Student Life

Christian Standard

Students are to govern their conduct on the basis of Scriptural principles with a willing and cooperative spirit. It is expected that their lives will demonstrate a clear and consistent Christian testimony in daily living.

Certificate and Diploma students have an obligation to dress appropriately and to avoid extremes in fashion. Standards are regulated by the Administration.  Women are to wear mid‑knee length dresses and skirts, or dress slacks.  Men are to wear dress clothes, collar shirts.  Class and chapel attendance are required.  Personal emergencies and sickness are excusable absences.

Attendance and Christian service in a church of like precious faith are required for Certificate and Diploma students.  Heritage seeks to be supportive of the local church and local church ministries.


Classes are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Students should reserve the hours from 6:00 p.m. on for class and study requirements.

We recognize that students will need employment.  Work schedules should not interfere with class schedules and attendance, nor should a Diploma student obligate himself excessively to an employer. 


Housing is the responsibility of the student under the supervision of the Administration.  The Institute will assist in the locating of housing for those students making a request.  In certain instances housing must be approved by the Administration.

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