Calvary Baptist Church
Easthampton, Massachusetts

Academic Programs of Study

Diploma in Bible and Theology

English Bible/Divinity Course

The purpose of this program is to prepare the student for the local church pastorate, the mission field, or some aspect of vocational Christian service. Students will examine all the major areas of theological training. A total of 94 credit hours are required for graduation. The Divinity Course Curriculum includes:

 Course Number Course Name Cr.Hr.
AP 306Christian Evidences 2
BI  103Pentateuch   3
BI  104Old Testament History 3
BI  105Major Prophets 3
BI 160 Bible Manners & Customs 2
BI  203Minor Prophets 2
BI  204Old Testament Poetry 2
BI  205Synoptic Gospels 2
BI  303John, I‑3 John 3
BI  304Acts; 1‑2 Corinthians 3
BI  305Romans‑Galatians 3
BI  350Bible Study Methods 2
BI  403Ephesians/Titus 2
BI  404 Hebrews ‑ 2 Peter 2
BI  405Jude‑Revelation 2
CE 103Survey of Christian Ed 2
CE 105Educational Methods 2
EN 101English  2
GR 101Greek 1 3
GR 102Greek 2 3
GR 103Greek 3 3
GR 201Greek Exegesis 1 2
Course Number  Course Name Cr.Hr.
 GR 202Greek Exegesis 2 2
GR  203Greek Exegesis 3 2
HI  201Church History 1 2
HI  202Church History 2 2
MU  102Music/Worship 2
PA  103Evangelism  2
PA  104Cults 2
PA  105Missions/World Religions 2
PA  304Communicating Bible Truths 2
PA  305Homiletics/Christian Education § 2
PA  403Biblical Counseling 2
PA  405Baptist Pastorate 2
PA  450Faculty Seminar §§ 0
PCS  101 Christian Service 1 1
PCS  201 Christian Service 2 1
PCS  301 Christian Service 3 1
PCS  401 Christian Service 4 1
TH 101Bible Doctrine 2
TH 401Systematic Theology 1 3
TH 402Systematic Theology 2 3
TH 403Systematic Theology 3 3
 VC 107 7 Laws of the Teacher 2

The English Bible Course includes all of the above courses, but instead of Greek Courses, electives are taken to equal the 15 credit hours.

 § Homiletics is taken by men only; Ladies will take a 2 credit hour Christian Education elective.

§§  This is an oral examination of all candidates for the Diploma.  This is a pass or fail course.  A passing grade is required for graduation.  No credit is given. 

 Heritage recognizes God's purpose for the local church and requires students to be involved in serving the Lord through a local church ministry. these ministries can include Sunday School teaching, youth work, music ministries, visitation ministries, home Bible classes, tract distribution, nursing home ministries, and preaching. Diploma students are responsible for securing a ministry with the approval of the Administration and under the authority of the local church. Regular Christian Service Reports are required.Christian Service ministries earn credits towards graduation requirements. One credit hour can be earned per year. One credit hour is required in the Certificate in Christian Ministries Program.  Four credit hours are required in the Diploma Program, (one per year).  Christian ministry for credit must be approved by the Administration.


Certificate in Christian Leadership

This course of study is for the new Christian or those desiring to develop their grasp of basic Bible Truths.  It will provide a foundation for all theological studies.  Twelve (12) credit hours are required for graduation.  The curriculum includes:

 Course Number Course Name Cr.Hr.
 BI 177 Old Testament Survey 1 2
 BI 178 Old Testament Survey 2 2
 BI 179 New Testament Survey 2
 TH 101 Bible Doctrine 2
 HI 201 Church History 1 2
 HI 202 Church History 2 2

Certificate in Christian Ministries

The purpose of this program is to provide the student with a working knowledge of the entire local church program.  It is designed to prepare lay individuals for active service in the local church.  Thirty one (31) credit hours are required for graduation.  Students must complete the requirements for the Certificate in Christian Leadership plus the following: 

 Course Number Course Name Cr.Hr.
 CE 103 Survey of Christian Education 2
 PA 103 Evangelism 2
 PA 104 Cults 2
 PA 105 Missions/World Religions 2
 PCS 101 Christian Service 1 1
 PA 304 Communicating Bible Truths 2
 BI 350 Bible Study Methods 2
 VC 107 The 7 Laws of the Teacher 2
 VC 108 7 Laws of the Learner 2
 VC 109 Teaching with Style 2

To register for classes, click on the Admissions tab and select "Register for Class/es".  There you can download a copy of the registration form, complete it and send it into us with your $10.00/per trimester registration fee.